Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Feeding the monster

It’s probably some kind of mental illness. Try as I might, I can only go so long without springing for some new-ish type of wargaming stuff. The longer I resist the urge to purchase something, the bigger the explosion when I snap.

Up until the holiday season, I’d been doing OK for the last few months. But then those placed-months-ago pre-orders (Eisenbach Gap and Asia Engulfed) landed on my doorstep and it was all over but the shouting. I HAD to feed the monster again.

Fortunately, feeding the monster has become somewhat cheaper over the past few years as I’ve matured enough in my decision making to only focus on items that I might actually play someday. Gone are the days of large acquisitions based on vain hopes and distant fantasies. I will likely never play a four-map anything again. Heck, getting the oversized map of Red Star Rising onto the table is challenge enough.

Anyway, this is all a round-about introduction to the newest additions to my game closet. Chances are good that these games will get more mention in the weeks ahead because, as I said, they are all ‘players’.

The list of incoming titles is short: Corps Command: Totensonntag (from LNL Publishing), A Victory Lost (from MMP) and two minatures rules sets, AK-47 Republic and The Men of Company B, both from Peter Pig over in the UK.

Totensonntag will probably hit the table after I’ve had my fill of Eisenbach Gap. It’s got a small footprint, low unit count, short rules and it’s been getting very good reviews. The miniatures rules will have some lead time because I’ve got to twiddle up a way to play them. It’s very, very, very unlikely that I’m going to pony up for any kind of new figures, so I’ll need to put together a cardstock set for them. A Victory Lost is one of those mystifying ‘why didn’t I get this a year ago?’ games. East Front, interesting system, good reviews, comparatively cheap. Just never got around to it. Now I can.

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