Tuesday, February 07, 2006

PanzerGrenadier: Density reduction

After my “stack ‘em high” post earlier, I wrestled a while with the topic of big stacks in assault hexes. In something less than a fit of brilliance, it suddenly occurred to me that I needed to be using markers for assault hexes and off-map boxes (or cards) to hold the units involved.

Good heavens. I’ve only been playing PanzerGrenadier since the first edition was published years ago. Only now, after years, does the idea pop into my little pea brain. Funny how that works. Perhaps it’s because as I get older I get more fumbly-fingered, so methods of clutter reduction (especially with those hefty 5/8-inch counters) become more important.

Anyway, here are some photos of the results. Numbered markers for the assault hexes. The units that are in those hexes go onto cards with matching assault stickers.



Jamie said...

I am not familiar with PG so I have been following this discussion with some interest. I have played ASL (a lot) but this looks interesting, too.

Dakini said...

Gosh, I've been doin' that all along. Started replacing stacks with info counters many years ago. I use counters with nato symbols and numbered to represent a stack...trying to use the symbol to reflect the nature the stack. Then an identical counter is off-board with the "stack" of counters lined up next to it...kind of a do-as-you-go OOB. Definitly need it for PG. Love the game, but can't stand the stacks.

I also heavily clipped my informational counters so they don't obscure the counter underneath. The demoralization counters I clipped to such a degree that they look like a plus sign, but the words are still there, so they show a unit as disrupted, but don't obscure the numbers.

I think I've done more the components of PG to make it work for me than for any other game I"ve ever played. Yeah, I like the system THAT much.