Friday, December 23, 2005

I guess the Grinch stole Christmas TV, too

Last night, after a couple nights of un-entertaining college bowl games on the TV, I was determined that we were NOT going to tune into sports last night. Not that we pay much attention while we’re racing through our pre-holiday chores and other insanity (the Missus decided last night was a good night to stuff 200 membership letters for her non-profit).

At any rate, I figured on December 22, we would be able to find plenty of Christmas-oriented programming. ‘Life of Jesus’ type of History Channel fare, that sort of thing. After scanning every channel on our satellite, I found ONE program – something on the Science Channel about the ‘historical’ life of the Apostles. Everywhere else it was crappy programming as usual – perhaps even crappier than usual.

Are you kidding me? Nothing on the History Channel, nothing on A&E, nothing else anywhere. Is this the onset of some kind of new wave of political correctness? None of that Jesus stuff on our TV network, at least not until Christmas eve. No Grinch. No Christmas Story. No Charlie Brown. Not even a Bad Santa that I could find.

Four hours of history’s worst air disasters. That’s all Christmas cheery. Four hours of ‘reality based’ crime drama (‘slay’ bells ringing, as it were). The usual death, destruction and car chase stuff.

Serves us right, I suppose, for losing that Ice Age DVD. Dammit.

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